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The Good News opens new Doors

I had just finished my sermon. As I looked around the room I could see that the Spirit of God had deeply touched and convicted those who were gathered. One...

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Is every Christian an Evangelist?

Our Mukhanyo Bible students had to write a test the other day. One of the questions was about evangelism. I (Timon) was surprised by one student’s answer! He claimed that...

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Things are picking up

When we started on the mission field in 2019, it was really a slow start. Some things turned out differently than expected and it took a long time until we...

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What God is doing among the AmaZioni

Who are the AmaZioni?

Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa (ZEMA’s) ministry is to share life’s journey with the amaZioni people of southern Africa. Whether sharing God’s Word, through Bible schools or the realities of daily life, their mission is to empower amaZioni leaders, encourage the African church, and obey Jesus’ Great Commission. Building on our common understanding of the Zionist’s religious heritage, ZEMA missionaries enjoy the opportunity to interact meaningfully with church members of African indigenous churches.

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ZEBS Bible Schools

ZEMA’s focus is on equipping amaZioni churches and church leaders through studying the Word of God together. Trusting Him to build His Church through a personal understanding of God’s Word. Zion Evangelical Bible Schools (ZEBS) is one training opportunity available to Zion pastors and church leaders.

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Radio Ministry

ZEMA is committed to seeing the Word of God proclaimed in ways that are readily available and relevant to the African church. ZEMA is excited that the Trumpet of Zion radio programs are being enthusiastically received in southern Africa.

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Student Ministry

ZEMA knows that tomorrow’s leaders are today’s students. ZEMA encourages young people to live life together and find strength and direction in being a part of the family of God. Prioritising God’s Word and the fellowship we have in Jesus, ZEMA aims to reach beyond cultural norms and expectations to find purpose and direction.

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