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AmaZioni History Part 1: Zion reaches South Africa

  • Timon 

A “cult missionary”!? Is it possible to evangelize a cult? A journey through the amaZioni’s fascinating history will show us how and why.

Have you ever wondered what a heavenly Jerusalem on earth would look like? One man made his vision of such a city come true and named it “Zion”. In this series about the amaZioni history you’ll find out how this “Zion” is linked with our ministry among the amaZioni and why our mission organization ZEMA is itself a part of their history.

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Christmas – I marvel at Jesus!

  • Timon 

It’s often said that Christmas season is a time to reflect and contemplate. Yet the hustle and bustle can easily distract us from taking time to reflect. I want to invite you to think about Christmas in a way you might never have thought of before. During my studies last year I stumbled across a statement by Wayne Grudem that gave me an entirely new perspective on Christmas!

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