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PINK again!

On the 16th of March 2020 at 3:45am our daughter Luisa Merle Steiner was bornwith 2600g and 48cm.Luisa: famous warrior / wiseMerle: blackbird / bright… Read More »PINK again!

A few truths about a missionary’s home assignment

Suitcase open, suitcase closed, take a quick breath and on it goes. By plane, car, train or camper. Missionaries on home assignment are almost always on the go. How does it actually feel to do home assignment? Here at the Buchenauerhof we’ve already experienced many missionaries one home assignment and could learn from them. For example, the children of a family that had just arrived fromRead More »A few truths about a missionary’s home assignment

In Between

“So, how do you feel Anni? Do you look forward to Germany? Will you miss Cape Town?”  These were the most frequently asked questions in the past weeks. I (Anni) feel “in between”.

Between Christmas and New Year – between boxes and bags

Once again Christmas went by without decorations, baking Christmas cookies or shopping for presents. Rather, it came with packing boxes and bags which I was already a bit used to. Yet it was also a pitty not being able to spend the advent season with “joyful anticipation” for Christmas. But on the other hand, I feel more likeRead More »In Between

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