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The Year 2022 can come…

  • Timon 
  • February 3, 2022February 3, 2022

…because “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!” (Heb 13:8) Our circumstances may change and the world may be upside down, but Jesus’ commission to his followers has not changed and his promises stand firm. Hence, this year we want to continue to follow his call to make disciples of all nations and see that people encounter the living God.

ZEMA Konferenz 2022

To our great delight, this year’s ZEMA conference took place again in person! During the first week of January, all of the missionaries serving among the AmaZioni gathered at the beautiful Sunbury Christian Camp, a kind of ZEMA mission base. A fantastic team from the church in Zion, USA came and supported us with devotions, meals and children’s programs. Under the theme “Triumph in Trials” we were reminded from 1 Peter how good it is to have a living hope in Jesus, in the midst of challenging times. As always, it was encouraging to hear how God had worked in and through the lives of all missionaries. As a whole family we thoroughly enjoyed this time and were refreshed with new motivation for the year ahead.

Tired and happy on our way home…

Kwazakhele Bible Study

One of the young ZEBS graduates invited Timon last year to hold a Bible study at his home. They have been meeting regularly there in Kwazakhele Township for a few months now. A few of his friends joined him too. They are currently going through the letter to the Hebrews together. In the culture in which the AmaZioni live, the sacrificing of animals for the deceased ancestors is still very common, especially in ceremonies of any kind. Meanwhile, in many churches, the leaders are given an untouchable authority. Hebrews addresses both of these issues: it exalts Christ above all, under whose authority we are, and also shows how his death on the cross abolished all sacrifices once and for all. That always makes for a good topic of conversation!

At our Home

When we arrived and settled here in PE, we intended to have more contact with our immediate neighbours. A few of them also have younger children the age of ours. In this way, God has placed many opportunities “on our doorstep” to be a testimony, to cultivate hospitality and to live relationships, which is so rare in our busy day and age. Since our David is home schooled, he is not among other children that often. So it’s good for him to have playmates his age close by. Some good friendships have also formed through the church we attend.

Home Assignment June, July, August

Our plans for our Germany-trip are becoming more concrete. We are filled with joy and thanksfulness that someone has offered us a generous accommodation for our time in Germany in the Neckar-Enz area! This enables us to spend even more time with many of our friends there in June, July. Throughout August we will be in Hessen, where Anni grew up. We look forward to this time and thank God for His provision.

Prayer Items:

  • Thanksgiving: For a refreshing time at mission conference for us as a family.
  • Thanksgiving: That a Bible study has started up in Kwazakhele and a good friendship with the ZEBS graduate.
  • Request: That more doors open among other AmaZioni leaders.
  • Request: For good synergies with our fellow ZEMA missionaries in Port Elizabeth, the Adkins family.
  • Thanksgiving: That a generous accommodation was offerd to us near the Neckar-Enz region.
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