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Knock, knock! – Who is it?

  • Timon 

“A visitor? A delivery service? A salesman? Or is it that beggar again?” These are often the first thoughts that come to mind when someone knocks on our door. I admit, nowadays we usually no longer hear “knock, knock” on our door, but rather the ring or jingle of a bell! Yet, we still associate “knock, knock” with someone at our front door wanting to see us. “Knock, knock” could also be a brief summary of what our ministry looks like at the moment.

Finding the Person of Peace

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” says Jesus in Luke 10:3. With this well-known verse, he begins to commision 72 of his disciples into the “harvest field” of the towns and villages he is about to visit, to proclaim the gospel. As they knock on people’s doors, they should look for a “person of peace” who has an open heart and receives them into the home. Knowing the future, Jesus also prepares his disciples for the fact that there will not be a “person of peace” behind every door they knock on. So finding the “open door” is crucial for their mission.

In the past months Timon has often found himself “knocking on doors”, making phone calls or sending contact requests to AmaZioni. Through this, we came into contact with various individuals. Our prayer is that the right “doors” will now open and that we will find a “person of peace” who opens the door for the gospel. In the African context, this can take a lot of time and patience. Things often happen spontaneously and “planning” is not really possible. Pray that God will connect us with the right people.


Meanwhile, ministry at Mosaic continues as usual. “As usual” also includes the need to be extremely flexible and prepared for anything! Be it a teacher that drops out, spontaniously teaching another class, or the entire program of the day changing completely. Nevertheless, it’s a great pleasure for Timon to hold regular devotions for older grades (7-10) at Mosaic. There the teenagers hear about Jesus in a way they would never hear in their churches. Many African churches here are not big on child and youth ministry.

A Homeschool-Helper for David…

… will not be comming early next year after all. Like last year’s candidates, our recent candidate canceled a few weeks ago. But we are still on the lookout for next year and are happy for every referral! From summer 2022, we would like to offer two German homeschool helper positions via DMG this time. Applications for this can already be received at . A candidate could also come to us beforehand. He or she can contact us at any time.

A new Daily Routine

David (7) got off to a good start in the second year of the German home school. The routines and experience of the last school year also make it easier for Anni to teach and plan. In addition, our Aaron (3) has been a proud kindergarten boy for a few months now and the mornings in our home are quieter (as long as the moaning-teething Luisa (18 months) gets her sleep!) Jael (5) is making great strides in speaking English and even Aaron keeps shocking us with new English words and phrases!

Home Assignment 2022

Next year we are planning a three-month home assignent in Germany! We plan to go from the end of May to the end of August. At this point in time we are looking for temporary accommodation for us as a family of six. We are already looking forward to our time there!

Prayer Items:

  • Thanksgiving: That we have made more contacts with AmaZioni.
  • Request: That friendships would develop from this and doors for the gospel would open up.
  • Request: For our missionary colleagues, the Adkins family. They are fighting covid, with various symptoms among them.
  • Thanksgiving: That our kids have been free of the winter-flew-symptoms for a number of weeks know.
  • Request: That we find one, or even two German homeschool helpers for next year.
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