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Step by Step

  • Timon 

In this newsletter you’ll find out about some dynamics in an amaZioni-Church, where we are in terms of getting a homeschool teachers and what our kiddies birthday season is.

Last year we wrote about how many uncertainties awaited us in the mission field. But we held on to the promise that God will lead and guide us. We agreed with James 4:15 that, “If the Lord wills and we live, we will do this or that.” Step by step God has opened our eyes to what He wants us to do.

ZEBS-Teachers’ Conference

At the end of May, Timon had the opportunity to attend the annual ZEBS teachers’ conference. In addition to the missionaries, there are now around 70 local teachers across the country whom God has called and equipped from among the amaZioni. Even if the number of participants was smaller this year, the conference took place in person. It was very encouraging to see how God had carried the teachers through this last year and how hungry their ZEBS students were for the Word of God when classes started again after the lockdowns.

Dynamics in AmaZioni-Churches

Step by step over the past few months we were able to learn more about the situation of the amaZioni churches near us. Sinethemba, a ZEBS student, finds himself in a situation that is typical for many churches: He is a leader in a church that is deeply entangled in the ancestral cult and traditions. Through the ZEBS classes, he is learning new things about God and the bible. His senior “bishop” (that’s what the church leaders call himself) does not see himself parting with the traditions that clearly go against God’s word.

Most of the “amaZioni bishops” have no biblical training whatsoever. And when someone in their church comes around with “new knowledge” they may see it is a threat to their role and authority; and of course as a threat to the traditions. Pray that Sinethemba will have wisdom on how to proceed in his church and how we can encourage and equip him step by step.

Homeschool Teacher Update

Good news! There is a candidate in Germany who would like to come and home school our David. She can come to us at the beginning of next year at the earliest. Pray that her visa application will be approved. The outcome of such visas is sometimes decided quite arbitrarily. Therefore, we need prayer all the more. We are thrilled that someone is willing to come to us and that we are one step closer to having a home school teacher.

Our Kiddies Birthday Season…

…just ended two weeks ago with a party for David. All our kids have their birthdays from mid-March to the beginning of June which has come to be called our “birthday season”. Now our kids have all arrived at the uneven numbered years: 1, 3, 5 and 7. We thank God that they are developing well and that they are growing and flourishing step by step.

Prayer Items:

  • Thanksgiving – that God is leading us and opening doors
  • Pray – for Sinethemba and his amaZioni congregation
  • Thanksgiving – that a prospective home school teacher wants to come
  • Pray – that her visa will be approved
  • Thanksgiving – for our dear children who are growing and thriving
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