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Taking the first steps…

We wish you a blessed start to the new year 2020! At the end of November we sent a special newsletter by post to everyone whose address we have. Apparently, it has not yet reached anyone. We hope it will arrive sometime this year! 😉 In the meantime we’re sending it to you by email …

Urban jungle and panic buttons

In the last months there has been a lot of change again. At the beginning of October, we were able to move into a house. The move was relatively quick since we didn’t possess more than a few boxes and suitcases. We spent the following weeks with unpacking and furnishing our new home. Beds, curtains, table & chairs, washing machine, fridge etc. had to be bought. In a relatively unknown city this is a good exercise to find your way around the new surroundings. First of all, you have to find out which stores sell what and then the hunt begins. Internet research is helpful, but the better advice comes from the locals.

So, we ask many questions, drive around a lot and are now getting around without the GPS in the “urban jungle. Since the beginning of November, we now have internet too. We are also getting used to having a security alarm system installed in our house, something the average person in Germany would never need. Timon accidentally triggered the alarm twice by leaning onto one of the panic buttons. The armed response immediately calls to make sure everything is OK. Other than that, we are glad to have electricity most of the time and at least cooking with a gas stove works at any time.

Language learning begins

Now that the basic things are up and running, our minds are free to focus more and more on “language learning”. Since mid-November we meet regularly with a language teacher to study the first basics in Xhosa. We are still looking for ways to get more Xhosa integrated into our daily lives. For this, we will need to make friends with Xhosa native speakers. Please pray that we find “open doors” as well as ways and means to dive into the new language and its culture.God’s providence

God’s providence

God’s guidance and provision has come through time and again. For example, when we started looking for a kindergarten for Jael and David. In South Africa there is the legal requirment that a preschool must offer at least one square meter per child! Some schools actually crowd their rooms to this standard. Hence, we were particularly grateful to have found a kindergarten, which gives the children a little more room to breathe. On top of that, we found out the owner is a believer and speaks German, which will give Jael a great start into learning English. From January onwards, our two older ones can start going to kindergarten.

We have visited a number of churches in the area to see which is the right one for us to be a part of as a family. We are not yet 100% sure at which one we’ll stay. There are quite a variety of churches to choose from here, which has its pros and cons. We long to have a spiritual home and fellowship with likeminded believers. Please pray for discernment to ask the right questions as we decide to join a community of believers here.

Officially a “big family”

Some of you have already heard the news. We are once again joyfully anticipating a new member of the family. Anni’s pregnancy is by far the most uncomplicated in comparison to the previous ones. There are moments she even forgets there is a baby growing in her. Midwives and doctors are also happy so far. The private medical care here is comparable to the German standard. Our “Number 4” will be born in South Africa just like our Jael.

Volunteer wanted!

It feels surreal; But next year, our David will start his primary school! Since we will home school him with the material of the German home school, we are going to need help by a young and vibrant volunteer who can teach David. If you know of German friends, or have contacts in your church that might be interested, then they can get in touch with Kerstin Meyer: She is the contact person for short-termers at DMG, our mission organization in Germany. She will answer any question related to this home school volunteer position and deals with the application. She also helps the volunteer with all the important paperwork and prepares him/her for the assignment with helpful tips.

Prayer requests:

  • Good contacts, ways and means to learn the Xhosa language
  • That we find the right church
  • continued health and strength
  • a suitable home school teacher for David


  • that we could move into a house
  • for David and Jael’s kindergarten
  • for the good pregnancy so far
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2 thoughts on “Taking the first steps…”

  1. Congratulations ..God is adding another precious arrow to your quiver
    Praying for you as you settle into your new way of life
    Much love

  2. Hi Both of you,
    Very nice development, everything is progressing so fine. God is awesome!
    We love you and keep us i formed.
    In Jesus name we pray,
    Denise in Wetzlar

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